Where to Buy E Hookahs Pen ?

Even though e hookah pens have become more widely available to us through the internet, gas stations, 7Elevens and many other vape stores around, sometimes we still find it difficult to buy e hookahs pen. It might be difficult because vendors don’t always carry the flavors that we want or sometimes their prices are way too high for us.

First of all, are are the e hookah or e shisha pens? They’re basically like an e cigarette without the nicotine and harmful side effects. They also come in fruit flavors rather than “tobacco” flavor, yuck! HazyShop offers a variety of e hookah pens at low prices, as low as $3.00 per 800 puff pen. I’ve seen people charge up to $15 per 500 puff pen, which is a bit outrageous for me.

e hookah pens bulk

Amazon is a great place to shop, but they do not carry e hookah pens and often filter out most of the vaping category items. They simply don’t allow it. eBay is also on the edge about that as well. So we know that major marketplaces do not carry these pens. So we have to look at individual sellers (which is better, in my honest opinion).

HS has a good selection whether you’re buying individual pens or bulk e hookah pens. So that would definitely be my first stop. However, there are also marketplaces such as Bonanza where you can find good deals on e hookah pens as well. Here is one: http://www.bonanza.com/booths/finalsales

I hope that this article makes good use to you, and that you can quit smoking without the use of nicotine. E hookah is the way to go! They taste better, no nicotine, and is often cheaper than e cigs. Good luck!